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The Nuluka foundation is a Not-for-profit organisation founded in 2012 and is registered in Australia and Colombia.


We aim to provide disadvantaged youths in rural areas and small municipalities’ benevolent relief through education (Bilingual education) as well as helping them gain skills in life through the continued development of their individual capabilities aimed at relieving poverty.


We started our bilingual program in Colombia in 2013, sending our first Australian volunteer to teach English in Restrepo, a small municipality in the Meta department. Restrepo is about 15km away from the nearest city Villavicencio, which is 115km South East from Bogotá; the capital city of Colombia.


English education in Colombia is easily accessible by high income earners, however Nuluka aims to contribute to closing this social and educational gap in the country. By sending more volunteers to Colombia which will allow us to develop and grow our programs in other states and other Countries in Latin America.


We strategically look to grow our Australian program to help youths in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Sydney, by providing them access to our programs.




What we do.



Our focus is to teach our students and pupils to have an entrepreneurial mindset, aimed to improve the wellbeing of our society through 3 main programs:


                 • Bilingual program

                 • Permaculture Program

                 • Tourism Program






Nuluka is working in rural schools and small municipalities where our aim is to provide them with  better opportunities for their future by providing English classes with native English teachers.


There are 13 rural schools in Restrepo, with a total of more than 450 students aged between 5 to 16 years old. So far we’ve been able to provide some bilingual education to these students, but need help to provide more resources to insure they progress with their english education.


We have the support of some educational institutions in Australia to develop our English, Permaculture and Tourism programs.

Through these alliances we want to provide international scholarships, implement virtual and one to one tutorials in Australia and Colombia, in the following areas:











How we do it.


We want to seal strategic alliances with the public and private sector in Australia and Colombia aimed to guarantee quality bilingual education and training to disadvantaged youths to ensure financial and logistic sustainability of our programs in the short, medium and long term.


English and Spanish Classes

We have a huge advantaged for you, your company or educational



We have native foreign teachers with international experience, so please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about the classes.



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We have international volunteers in 5 countries such as Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, France and Colombia strengthening the Nuluka’s cause.




Today you have the opportunity to change the lives of disadvantaged youths in Colombia.

You can support our work at Nuluka in many ways, just by sharing what we do with your friends through social media, making a donation or becoming a volunteer. By helping us you can give a hand to offer better opportunities to those kids to make them better citizens.

Become a volunteer today and be part of this community that want to make a difference!!









USD$20 represents the bare minimum monthly cost to educate a disadvantaged child.

But with any financial or other kind of support you will contribute with a

quality education to facilitate the professional development of disadvantaged


Good quality education builds up a better social balance.



If you need any assistance to make your donation or contribution you can write to contact@nuluka.org if you wish to join us, donate some of your time or share your ideas to make a difference write to volunteers@nuluka.org




Our volunteers sharing their stories.

Volunteering with Nuluka has truly been an incredible

 experience and one that has been rewarding in so

many unexpected ways.


I was the first Nuluka volunteer to come to Colombia

 in 2012 to teach English, and I originally thought

I’d be here for 6-12 months but I’ve enjoyed myself so much that I

might stay indefinitely!



Nuluka is a very unique foundation that really cares for its volunteers,

and has benefits which most other foundations don’t offer. I’m

really excited about the future growth of Nuluka and I strongly encourage

more volunteers to join us now and experience the many rewards of being a

part of such a great team of committed and passionate people




                                Ben Cox- Australian Volunteer


Nuluka Foundation programs..!

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Books to teach English..!


Gabriel, one of Nuluka’s stories..!

Bilingual education is a privilege that the disadvantaged youths in

Colombia and other countries in LATAM must have, which will open more doors of

opportunity in each child’s future. We are exceptionally proud of our

achievements to date, and have witnessed great educational

progress from our students.









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